Colorado Roofing Installation and Repair

Pioneer prides itself in constructing top quality roofing systems. From routine roof repairs to full tear off and roof replacements, Pioneer has you covered. Our fully trained roofing experts professionally install many types roofing systems including asphalt, metal, wood, tile and slate. A new roof will undoubtedly add curb appeal, energy efficiency, and resale value to your home. If you have experienced storm or hail damage to your roof, we will work with your insurance company to ensure the repairs are covered.

Pioneer Roofing provides complimentary Colorado roof inspections for our residential customers. Our experienced Denver home roofing experts will conduct a thorough evaluation and assessment of your roof’s condition, and provide you with a written report of what they find. When you choose Pioneer for your home roofing services, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your roof is well protected with our 100% LIFETIME workmanship warranty.

100% Guaranteed LIFETIME Workmanship Warranty

3-Tab Shingles

3-tab shingles are made of a single layer of asphalt saturated fiberglass. The bottom half of the shingle has two notches cut out which gives the impression of tabs hanging down and installed you will get a staggered brick-like pattern. This classic appearance is relatively low in cost and typically comes with a 20-25 year warranty.

​Dimensional shingles

​Dimensional shingles, also known as Architectural or Laminate shingles, have quickly become the most popular shingled roof choice for today’s homeowners. These shingles start with a thick solid shingle and have an additional layer laminated to the lower half. The result is thick textures, distinct shadow lines and vibrant colors. Laminate shingles commonly come with 30, 40, and even 50 year warranties and offer a UL Class “A” Fire Resistance Rating.

Premium Dimensional Shingles

Premium Dimensional Shingles are the thickest, heaviest and most unique composition shingles. There are wide selections of patterns, colors, and shapes to enhance your home’s exterior and appeal to your specific taste. The impressive durability of these shingles are backed with limited lifetime warranties.

ENERGY STAR® Rated Shingles

ENERGY STAR® rated shingles have a greater ability to reflect the sun’s rays which keeps the roof cooler, resulting in a more comfortable living space below. These shingles combine the popular dimensional look with the ecological benefits of cool-roof technology.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are durable, fire retardant and maintenance-free. They are also energy efficient; metal reflects heat and blocks its transfer into the attic. Research by the Florida Solar Energy Center in 1985 showed that metal absorbed 34 percent less heat than asphalt shingles, and homeowners switching to metal roofing reported saving up to 20 percent on their energy bills.

Wood Shake Roofs

Wood shakes offer a natural look with individual character. Wood offers energy benefits as well; by helping to insulate the attic and allowing the house to breathe. Air circulates through the small openings under the felt rows on which wooden shingles are laid. Because of variations in color, width, thickness, and cut; no two shake roofs are the same.

Tile Roofs

Tile lasts a LONG time! Its expected lifespan is greater than the lifespan of the material on which it rests. Tile will not rot or burn, and it can’t be harmed by insects. It requires little maintenance and comes in a variety of colors, types, and styles.

Concrete Tile Roofs

Concrete Tile varies from product to product, but all have a long lifespan. These roofs require little maintenance and are resistant to rot and insects. Many tiles mimic the appearance of wood shakes, while improving on the durability and fire protection. They can also approximate the look of clay tile or slate while mitigating the structural challenges caused by the weight of the real material.

Slate Roofs

Slate is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and durable roofing materials. It is a waterproof, non-combustible natural stone that comes in a wide range of color combinations. Slate offers classic beauty and most certainly stands the test of time.