5 Steps to Take After a Hail Storm Damages Your Roof

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5 Steps to Take After a Hail Storm Damages Your Roof

Hail storms can cause anywhere between one and two billion dollars in damage to homes and crops each year. When you live in an area prone to summer hail storms, you get used to rushing cars into a shelter and praying your home’s windows don’t get shattered. 

However, mother nature is a force to be reckoned with and often causes damage regardless of how well prepared you are. The most common expense for homeowners after hail storms is roof hail repair. 

But how do you know if you need it? Follow along for five steps to take after a hail storm.

1. Inspect Your Home for Hail Damage

First, inspect your home for hail damage starting from the ground up. Most likely, your concrete foundation will be fine. However, most siding is vulnerable to heavy hailstones. 

Additionally, take a look at your outdoor air conditioning unit. They are also prone to be damaged by hail. Also, look for damage to windows, window sills, and doors. 

Finally, make your way up the house looking at the downspouts, gutters, and fascia near the roof. If you’re comfortable, you can climb up on a ladder to get a closer look at the roof itself.

Keep in mind, while you may be able to spot some damage to the roof from the ground, it won’t be an accurate depiction. To know if you need roof hail repair, you need to get yourself or someone else up there.

2. Check the Interior for Leaks

Hail storms often come with excessive rainfall. If something was damaged bad enough to cause a leak, right after the storm is a good time to check. 

This is most common in skylights. The seals around the window can be damaged and the window can be cracked, if not shattered. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for the shingles and flashing to be damaged as well, especially if the storm brought high winds.

3. Get a Professional Opinion

The only way to be sure if you need roof hail repair is to call in the experts for a professional opinion. Fortunately, many companies offer a free estimate and will inspect your home without charge.

Roofing contractors know what to look for after a storm as well as any hidden roof damage. You can also save yourself the safety risk of climbing up on your roof.

4. Find the Right Roofing Contractors

Next, if the inspection states that you need roof hail repair, you need to find the right roofing contractors to complete the job. Ideally, this will be the company you hired to do the inspection. 

In order to find the best roofers, we recommend asking for recommendations from your friends and family members, researching various contractors online, and checking out reviews and testimonials.

5. Contact Your Insurance Company

Finally, you’ll want to file an insurance claim on your home to help cover the roof hail repair costs. A single storm can completely destroy a roof, which can get expensive.

File a claim with your insurance company and make sure they’ll cover the work before you get started.

Need Roof Hail Repair?

If you’ve recently experienced a hail storm, you need to get your roof checked out as soon as possible. Hail can cause hidden damage which can lead to leaks, water damage, and mold in the future. Why take the risk?

Contact us today to get a complimentary estimate and inspection and talk about roof hail repair!

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