5 Things You Need to Know Before Installing Solar Panels

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installing solar panels

Are you considering installing solar panels? It can be a great way to save on your utility bills each month and it’s helpful to the environment. If your home is in a shaded area it may not be worth the investment though.

The shade isn’t the only thing that you have to consider when making this big solar decision. You’ll have to decide between leasing or buying your panels. There are different types of panels and using one may make more sense than the other.

These aren’t the only factors to keep in mind. Check out this list to find out if solar truly is right for your house.

1. Will Your Roof Be Able to Support Solar?

The first thing you have to consider is can your roof support solar? We don’t necessarily mean on a structural level, though that’s important too.

Step outside and see how much sunlight hits your roof. If there’s not too much then you may want to move to a sunnier location before going solar. Otherwise, they won’t be able to produce enough energy for it to be worth the cost.

2. Have You Attempted to Improve Efficiency?

When you get an outrageous power bill in the mail the temptation to go solar goes up. Before you start making plans, however, it’s better to try and improve efficiency around your home first.

If you don’t and go straight into getting panels, you’ll still see a difference in cost but it won’t be quite the drop that you would like for it to be.

3. Choosing a Solar that Makes Sense

There are two different types of solar technology that you’ll be presented with. Photovoltaic uses cells to turn sunlight into electricity. Thermal also uses sunlight but it uses it to heat the water and air that you use in your house.

Which one you choose depends on the cost of electricity vs the cost of heating in your area.

4. Connecting to the Grid

There’s more to installing solar power then throwing them on your roof and calling it a day. You may have to pay a fee to get your utilities connected to your solar power system.

There’s also the matter of how and when will you be credited for the solar power that you don’t use. These are important questions regarding the grid that you need to ask.

5. Lease or Buy?

You can either lease or buy your solar panels. Buying costs a lot more upfront but it will be your system. This means larger dividends for you.

Leasing doesn’t cost as much to get started with but the company you’re leasing from are the ones who own the system. They may charge you a rate and once the lease is up they might just decide that you don’t have the system anymore.

Everything You Need to Know About Installing Solar Panels

Are you considering installing solar panels? It’s a great way to help the environment and lower your electricity bill at the same time.

There are some things that you have to consider before getting your system though. Solar panels may or may not be worth it for your house.

Your roof will need to be in good condition before you apply the solar panels. Contact us to get an estimate on our repair services.

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