Call in the Experts: The Real Dangers of DIY Roofing

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Call in the Experts: The Real Dangers of DIY Roofing

In recent years, DIY everything has become a trend — from DIY furniture out of pallets to DIY bathroom renovations.

But is DIY roofing a smart idea?

Read on for some roofing advice that will allow you to have a reliable roof for many years to come. 

Safety Risks

The biggest risk of DIY roofing repair or replacement is the risk of injury.

Working on a high and steep roof puts you at risk of falling.

Falls off a roof are no laughing matter. Each year, there are 500,000 falls from roofs. 97% of those occur at people’s home or farms. Serious injury, including fatality, is a real risk when working with roofs and ladders.

Do-it-yourself roofing repairs also involve hauling roofing materials up onto your roof. You could hurt your back while trying to transport materials up a ladder.

To protect yourself from serious injury, always hire professional roofers to get the job done. 

Improper Installation

DIY roofing also has the risk of improper installation.

Remember, your roof protects your family and your belongings from wind, rain, and snow.

DIY roofing may seem simple. But there are many beginner roofing mistakes you want to avoid. 

For example, improperly installed starter shingles can prevent water from getting to the eaves. Improper valley flashing installation will cause water to run under your shingles.

Driving nails in the wrong spots or placing them into the adhesive strip can let water get in under the shingles and into your house. Just one nail in the wrong spot can cause expensive repairs.  

Standard shingles should have a 5″ exposure. If you have too much exposure, the shingles can blow off in high winds.

Imagine the possible hurricane damage from improper shingle installation!

If there isn’t enough exposure, the shingles are at risk of water penetration. Again, if you want your roof to last for many years, hire a professional. 

Voided Warranties

When people ask themselves if they can replace their own roof, they tend to think only about if it is physically possible.

But many people forget to think about the roof’s warranty.

For your roof warranty to be valid, it likely needs to be installed by a professional roofing company.

A roof warranty could be in effect for 10-20 years. So you don’t want to void it and have decades of un-warrantied roofing. 

Don’t Forget the Tear-Off

Taking off the old roof is a huge part of installing a new roof. That’s why a big part of the cost of roof replacement goes towards labor.

Tearing off old shingles is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and results in a lot of trash.

But tear-off isn’t just ripping off the old shingles. Once the shingles are off, you need to inspect the roof deck for damage. These spots must be repaired or replaced before the new roof goes on.

Many homeowners who choose to try DIY roofing skip this important step. This will lead to expensive repairs much sooner than necessary. 

Bottom Line on DIY Roofing: Hire a Professional

We hope reading this article has given you food for thought.

Though DIY roofing may save you a few bucks today, in the long run, you could be faced with expensive repairs in just a few months or years.

Today’s roofing material is designed to last for decades. Contact Pioneer Home Solutions for professional, reliable installation.

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