Can spring weather damage a roof?

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Spring weather can be all over the place: one day it will be sunny and 75 degrees, and the next day it will be 50 degrees and raining.

Because the weather changes so much, your roof can definitely be damaged during the spring. Most of the ways it can be damaged is through frequent storms.

For example, if the wind is strong enough, the shingles can be ripped off your roof. If shingles are missing, there can be more damage under the surface, especially if it’s raining. Water can pool up and flood inside, leaving you with more to replace in your house.

Because it rains so much in the spring, water damage is also common. Unfortunately, a lot of water damage is not noticeable at first and by the time you notice it, the damage may be too great for a cheap fix.

After big storms where it rains a lot, make sure to check on the upper levels of your house, such as the upstairs rooms or your attic. If there’s any sitting water there or any types of leaks, start doing research to see what the cheapest and best fix for it is.

Because the weather is so extreme and changes frequently in the spring, your roof can age faster during this season. Especially during the heat, the color on your roof may fade, making your roof look older than it actually does.

Roofs are often exposed to the sun and not in any shade, so the direct sunlight can not only make the color on them fade, but it can also make your roof shrink, bleach the wood on your home or even crack the wood on your home.

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