Difference Between IKO Shingles, Owens Corning Shingles, and GAF Shingles

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Difference Between IKO Shingles, Owens Corning Shingles, and GAF Shingles

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According to Forbes, the construction industry in the United States was worth $606.3 billion in 2018. This stat is indicative of a 2% growth in the sector compared to the year 2017.

A house is built to satisfy the need to have a roof over your head. As such, the roof provides defense against a wide range of weather-related elements, like rain and snow. However, this ability to act as the first line of protection depends on the kind of roof you settle for during the construction process.

GAF shingles are among the probable roofing options at your disposal during the construction process.

This guide offers you more insights into the various types of shingles and the best roofing solutions for your home.

Why Is the Roofing Process Vital?

When people say they have a roof over their heads to signify a home, it’s precisely because of the critical role roofing plays.

Most well-maintained shingles last for more than 30 years without requiring any attention. But such extents of longevity depends on the ability to settle for the best shingles when roofing.

The roof protects you, your loved ones, and your property from the uncertainties of weather. So before going forward with the renovation or the installation of a new roof, it would help to consider the option that yields the most significant benefits.

Here are some of the types of shingles you may consider.

IKO Shingles

IKO is a type of roofing that offers insulation and waterproofing solutions for many homes worldwide. This roofing solution also offers adequate protection against inclement weather conditions. IKO shingles have built a reputation around themselves as a sturdy roofing alternative in most homes.

With the thick dimensional profiles and a variety of color blends, these shingles offer the much sought-after designer look. While roofing is often about strength, most modern homes are also keen on shingles that provide an element of beauty.

Most of the IKO shingles fall within the class Asphalt type. This means that, with IKO shingles, your home has a fire-resistance rating. Fire is a common concern in most homes, but you can rely on the high fire-resistant rating salient in IKO roofing shingles to keep you safe.

One of the common consequences of a leaking roof is the growth of algae along the lining of the slates. This unfortunate growth of algae can lead to health-related concerns for your family. Luckily, with the IKO option, you have moderate algae resistance.

IKO shingles offer a wide range of other advantages. Nevertheless, if installed incorrectly, you might have a lot of issues to deal with. This includes things like shingles lying dangerously loose on the top of the house.

In case of such concerns, it may be time to call in a qualified technician to help you deal with the problems with installation.

Most IKO shingles customers complain about instances of leaks through the roof.  Well, this is an everyday concern whenever the installation process for IKO shingles is improper.

As compared to other roofing options, IKO shingles require adequate ventilation. This helps to limit the amount of heat entering into the building.

IKO shingles come in two common types, which are the IKO Cambridge and the IKO Dynasty options. The cost of IKO shingles varies on the specific colors and designs.

GAF Shingles Roofing solutions

Are you looking for roofing shingles that have stood the test of time? Well, GAF shingles may be your answered prayers.

This type of roofing material has been in the market for more than 130 years.

GAF shingles provide a wide range of roof designs, which have several features in common. For instance, you’ll have an exclusive warranty for your specific roofing needs when using GAF shingles.

Unlike the IKO shingles, the GAF roofing option comes with a unique golden pledge on top of having master elite features.

The certified warranties seek to cushion homeowners in case of any mishaps in the installation or during the shingle’s life cycle. Timberlines remain the most commonly known type of GAF.

When you compare GAF vs. IKO shingles, the former has a wide range of color selections at your disposal.

Most GAF shingles sell for between $32 and $43 per unit, with a guarantee of laminated architectural designs.

When assessing the cost implications given the choice between IKO shingles vs. GAF shingles, it’s notable that the latter is more expensive.

You’re likely to spend more money on GAF roofing than on IKO shingles. These shingles are also prone to missing granules or rusty flashings, which increases the cost of repairs.

Owens Corning Shingles

If your main concern has been the risk of individual shingles flying off during the windy season, then relax. Owen’s Corning Duration shingles are sturdier than the other two types of roofing options.

When considering GAF vs. Owens Corning shingles, it’s notable that the Owen roofing options offer more stability even in the worst weather conditions.

However, when considering the aspect of warranties, Owens Corning has a limited lifetime warranty. This downside limits the ability to settle for an option that does not offer any prescriptive long-term solutions in case of issues related to quality.

Whether you’re looking for roof replacement or repairs for your Owens Corning shingles, our agents guarantee you the best services. Our warranties are also designed to affirm our commitment towards our customers at all times.

GAF is more expensive than Owens. Owens shingles retail at below $22.50 per unit. However, considering the size of both types of shingles, GAF roofing options offer more significantly sized shingles. This is as compared to the relatively smaller Owens corning shingles.

Don’t Compromise – Choose the Best Possible Roof Over Your Head

Now that you know the difference between the three types of shingles, it’s time to make a decision. However, remember that protecting your home from leaks and other extremes of weather is your number one goal.

Nevertheless, while going for sturdiness, you should also consider the appearance to improve your roof’s overall curb appeal.

Your choice of roofing determines the safety of everyone and everything in your home. While most of the time homeowners settle for roofs based on longevity, you should also focus on other factors such as warranty guarantees in case of problems. GAF shingles stand out as being among the popular roofing types that have exclusive warranties without any limits.

Are you looking for experts in roof repairs and replacement? Please contact us for exceptional services.

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