Got Mold? A Handy How-To on Removing Moss From Your Roof

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Got Mold? A Handy How-To on Removing Moss From Your Roof

Moss is one of those natural growths that you either love or hate when it comes to aesthetics. Some homeowners think it looks rustic and cozy, while others think it makes their home look abandoned and neglected.

Regardless of your cosmetic tastes, moss can do serious roof damage. It can lift your shingles enough to let water beneath them. This won’t just damage your roof but possibly the interior of your home too.

Here’s what you can do about removing moss from your roof.

Steps for Removing Moss from Your Roof

The easiest way to get moss off your roof is to call a roof maintenance professional. If you want to try it the DIY way, use these steps.

Scrub the Moss Away

The best way to get rid of moss is to scrub it off the roof with a scrub brush. Start by rinsing your roof with water first. Then, take a brush and gently scrub off the moss.

Make sure you use all the necessary safety precautions. Working on your roof is one of the riskiest home maintenance projects, which is why so many homeowners prefer to call a professional instead.

The Finishing Details

Moss doesn’t always come off with a simple scrub. Sometimes it needs a bit of extra help.

There are commercial moss removal products available in many hardware stores. You can also make your own by diluting a few cups of bleach in two gallons of water.

Spray this solution on your roof and give it about twenty minutes to loosen the moss. Next, take your scrub brush and scrub it off. Finally, rinse the roof with clean water. 

Preventing Damage While Getting Rid of Roof Moss

The whole reason you’re clearing away your moss is to keep it from damaging your roof. The last thing you want to do is damage your own roof trying to get rid of the moss.

First, never use a pressure washer on your roof. It’s likely to cause greater damage than the moss.

Second, if you’re using a moss killer or bleach, don’t forget to protect any plants that could get caught in the runoff. Lay a tarp that covers the plants as well as the ground around them.

Preventing New Moss 

If you don’t want to climb up on your roof every few months to scrub moss, there’s a simple way to prevent it.

A roof repair technician can install a strip of zinc or copper near the peak of your roof. Every time it rains, the rainwater will pick up a few molecules of the metal. This metal will kill any moss that is starting to form.

Staying Safe and Moss-Free

Moisture happens in every season, which means that moss can grow during any season too. As organic as it is, it can cause a slew of problems if it grows unchecked.

The tips above can help you in removing moss from your roof. If you’d prefer to avoid the risk of damage and injury, on the other hand, you can call our roof repair team to tackle the problem.

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