What Causes a Damaged Roof?

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What Causes a Damaged Roof?

Your roof is the foundation of your home. That might not make sense since your foundation is really under your home.

Yet, it’s your roof that is there to protect you and keep your family safe. If your roof is damaged, you can have serious damage to your home or office building.

Do you finding yourself asking, “What can create a damaged roof?” You’ll want to keep reading to find out the top things that can cause roof damage.

1. Wind

Wind can be incredibly destructive to your roof and siding. Wind damage accounted for as much as 25% of home insurance claims between 2009 and 2015.

Your roof is susceptible to wind damage, which can lead to more damage to your home. For example, wind can blow shingles off of your roof, exposing your roof to leaks and other structural damage.

2. Rain/Snow/Hail

The obvious damage to your roof can come from rain, snow, and hail. Hail damage can be particularly destructive.

Snow can be damaging if your roof is structurally unsound. It could collapse under the weight of snow.

3. Old-Age

The age of your roof could be and another cause of roof damage. A residential roof can last anywhere between 10-20 years, sometimes even more.

There are factors at play, such as the roofing materials, direct exposure to weather, roof installation, and when the roof was manufactured. Technology has made big advancements, which can help extend the life of the roof.

If you’ve had your roof maintained and repaired over the years, the roof is likely to last longer as well.

4. Missing/Broken Shingles

Another cause of roof damage is missing or broken shingles. As noted earlier, this can lead to major roof damage.

Once a storm passes through, you want to go out and do a spot check of your roof to assess if there are missing or broken shingles.

5. Sun Damage

Yes, even nice weather can damage your roof over time. With a standard shingle roof, the summer sun can beat down on your roof, causing the asphalt shingles to wear down over time.

If you notice any small fragments of material in your gutters, it’s a sure sign that your roof is breaking down and needs to be repaired.

How to Prevent a Damaged Roof

There are some things that you can’t plan for. You don’t know when the next blizzard or hail storm is going to pass through Colorado.

What you can do is make sure that your roof is in the best shape possible to identify any weaknesses in the roof, you need to have regular roof maintenance. That can ensure your roof is able to withstand the storm.

Not only that, letting your roof go may be a reason for insurance companies to deny your claim if you have roof damage.

What Can Damage My Roof?

You know how important your roof is to your home. It’s what keeps you and your things safe from the elements.

There are things that you can’t control, like the weather, and things that you can control. You can control regular maintenance and repairs of your roof. You don’t want to let things go, because a damaged roof can lead to major structural damage.

Contact us today to schedule a roof maintenance appointment today.

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