What to Expect From Hurricane Roof Damage

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What to Expect From Hurricane Roof Damage

When you live in a hurricane-prone area, there is always the chance of severe damage. Entire cities have been demolished by hurricanes leaving broken homes and water damage in their wake. Even if the hurricane isn’t severe, it can still be damaging.

Hurricane roof damage is common because of the heavy rain and high winds. If you’re considering moving to a hurricane-prone area, you need to understand the potential damages you might face. 

Don’t be caught off guard if a hurricane comes to your neighborhood. Here’s what you need to know. 

Hurricane Roof Damage Caused By Wind

Your roofing shingles aren’t designed to handle winds in excess of 60 miles per hours. Some shingles can handle a storm better than others, but in an extreme storm, hurricane winds can blow them completely off.

Wooden shingles can break and splinter and asphalt shingles can split. All of these can cause water to seep into the roof. If the winds aren’t high speed, then you may not even know there are any issues until you start noticing leaks.

Winds can also knock down gutters and eaves leaving massive puddles in the yards because the water has nowhere to go when it rolls off the roof.

Hurricane winds can rip a roof completely off a house, so always check your residential or commercial roof after heavy winds.

Water Damage is a Common Problem

Along with heavy winds, massive rains pelt your roof. Inches upon inches of rain flood neighborhoods and can make roof damage even worse. Heavy rain can remove the asphalt from shingles and overpower gutters.

Rain driven by high winds can get in cracks and seep into the roof. If your gutters aren’t clean, it can lead to puddling, which damages shingles and makes it easier for water to enter the home.

In the worst-case scenario, existing water damage plus high amounts of rain can lead to a roof collapse.

Water seeps into the plywood roof from damaged shingles. It can rot the wood and lead to water entering the home. In a hurricane, the water accumulation can happen fast, leading to even more roof and ceiling damage.

Falling Trees on Your Roof

When most people think of hurricane damage, they limit it to water and wind, but there is an even deadlier problem. The wind can uproot trees from the ground and cause limbs to break. It’s not uncommon for trees to fall or branches get tossed onto roofs.

A tree can break through a roof and cause extensive damage to the outside and inside. Braches can strip shingles from the roof and causes water to enter the home.

It’s not just trees either. Hurricane winds can throw debris at high speeds and damage your roof easily.

Hurricane Damage Will Happen

If you live in an area where hurricanes are prevalent, there’s a good chance that eventually hurricane roof damage will happen. Prepare yourself by ensuring your roof is in the best shape possible. Want to learn how? Spend some more time exploring our site.

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