What type of roof is most energy efficient?

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When it comes to replacing your roof, sometimes it may feel like there are too many options to choose from and making a choice is too difficult. There are different materials you can pick and different types of colors, so it may seem like there are a million types to choose from.

One popular trait to look for when picking a roof is to pick one that is energy efficient. Energy efficiency is a type of roof that reduces the amount of energy used to provide the same resources as one that isn’t as energy efficient would. It also keeps the upper levels of your home cooler than a roof that isn’t would.

There are two factors to look into when choosing an energy efficient roof: material and color.


There are two different materials that are energy efficient: metal and tile.

A metal roof gets hotter than a tile roof does, but because it is reflective, most of the heat from the roof is directed from your home and never absorbed. Metal roofs are also cheap and easy to install, so you won’t be spending as much time, money and labor on installing it.

Tile roofs are also energy efficient and are made from clay, sand or concrete. These are so energy efficient because before installing a roof, many tile roof materials are pretreated to maximize the heat reflectivity. This means it’s somewhat the same as a metal roof, with most of the heat reflecting off the roof rather than being absorbed into your home.


During the summer months, a lightly colored roof will absorb less heat than a dark roof. 

Light colors allow the heat to reflect more off your roof, while dark colors absorb the heat. This will heat the upper levels of your house and make it less comfortable than a cooler upstairs would be.

Dark colors absorb heat more than light colors because dark colors absorb more light and convert it into heat. For example, black absorbs all wavelengths of light before converting it into heat, which is why parking lots, or other types of blacktop, are so hot in the summer.

Since white and other light colors are on the other side of the color spectrum, they don’t absorb nearly as much light, so they don’t absorb nearly as much heat.

So, when looking for an energy efficient roof, go for a light colored roof made with either metal or tiled shingles.

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