Why Should you Use Boral Roof Tile and Components?

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Why Should you Use Boral Roof Tile and Components?

The roofing industry is huge, estimated at a value of over $5 billion every year.

With so much roofing going on, there are a staggering number of different roof types and roofing techniques to choose from.

Boral roof tiles are an exciting option that not everyone knows about. Read this brief summary of these innovative tiles to make sure your home doesn’t miss out on their benefits!

What Are Boral Roof Tiles?

Boral is a roofing company that makes ceramic, terracotta, and concrete roof tiles. They operate out of Australia and all of their tiles are extra strong. They are resistant to everything nature can throw out them, whether it be heat, cold, or pests.

Though Boral is a roof tile supplier, they also make many kinds of roof system components. Their products include underlayment, flashing, and eave products.

Benefits of Boral Roof Tiles

One of the most common things that people love about Boral tiles is their distinct, classy appearance. They have a flat, smooth surface that gives your roof a sleek, well-put-together look. You can also get these roofing tiles in many different colors and textures so you can find the exact right choice to fit with the rest of your home’s aesthetic.

Cement roof tiles by Boral can last for decades, protecting your home from harsh weather of all kinds and even resist fire.

If something does manage to crack a tile, it is easily replaced by just removing the one broken tile. There’s no need to remove a large section of the roof just to fix a tiny crack.

Concrete tiles are wonderfully efficient to make, giving them a low roof tile price, but they require a skilled team to be properly installed. Done correctly, your concrete tiles can provide fantastic insulation, helping to keep your home comfortable and at the temperature you desire.

Better insulation for your home also means lowered heating and air conditioning costs, allowing you to save money on your energy bill as well as help out the planet by consuming less energy.

Underlayment Products

Boral’s underlayment products make sure your roof is extra watertight, resisting intense rainstorms and high winds. Boral’s underlayment options include their tile seal underlayment and their GatorSeal underlayment. GatorSeal is a heavy-duty reinforced underlayment made out of modified asphalt. It can help ensure your home has robust protection against ice dams and rough weather conditions.

Certain parts of the roof have a tendency to leak more than others. That’s where Boral’s flashing products come in. The junctions where your walls meet your ceiling or where any vents or plumbing exit your home can get an extra layer of protection from Wakaflex, Boral’s universal flashing that works for practically any home.

Boral also uses ribbed tile pans to help create some space between your roof’s tiles and the water flow areas on your roof. This helps water to flow away from your house instead of into it.

Use Only the Best For Your Home’s Roof

We hope you learned something helpful about Boral roof tiles in this brief piece. To learn more about caring for your roof or finding the best contractor near you, check out our other pages.

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