Why You Should Choose Concrete Tile Roofing

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Why You Should Choose Concrete Tile Roofing

Your roof has been there for you for more years than you can count. However, it’s pretty clear that it’s reached its zenith. The look and performance of the roofing material just aren’t doing the job any longer, and a replacement is a must.

You could, of course, go for the same traditional asphalt roofing that most people choose, and that you yourself probably have now. However, there’s a better alternative to this traditional option: concrete roof tiles.

What do concrete roof tiles have to offer you? This article will go in-depth with the benefits of tile roofing, and why you need to consider having it for your home. Keep reading to find out more!

Benefits of Concrete Roof Tiles: They’re Long-Lasting

There’s no questioning the longevity of concrete tiles. Out of all of the residential roofing types, they last the longest. On average, a concrete tile can last well over 100 years before showing any signs of actual wear.

In other words, if you install a tile roof, you never have to worry about another installation again. If you’re someone who enjoys a “one and done” approach, these tiles are just what you need.

They’re Completely Resistant to Decay

Many types of roofs are made out of materials that can naturally decay just by being in the environment. This will inevitably lead to repairs that will cost you in the near future.

clay roofing, on the other hand, is completely resistant to decay. Exposure to the environment does nothing to damage the materials, so you won’t need to worry about the elements being responsible for giving you a roofing repair bill.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

If you’re an advocate for the health of Mother Earth (as we all should strive to be), you’ll be pleased to know that concrete shingles are the most environmentally friendly types of roofing you can buy.

Asphalt shingles and metal roofing are made out of materials that aren’t biodegradable and are difficult to remove without harming the earth. However, concrete roofing is made from earth minerals and can be pulverized and recycled when they’re removed from the roof.

It’s clear that concrete roofing is the best way to go for your needs. Make sure to get concrete tiles to add to your home today!

We’re Ready to Work

Now that you know the benefits of concrete roof tiles, you need to know where you can go to get the roofing services that you need for the right price. Luckily for you, we’re the right ones to help you with the job.

At Pioneer Home Solutions, we offer all of the best home repair services for a price that fits your budget. Our services include roofing installation and repairs, siding repairs, window replacements, gutter installments, storm damage repairs, painting services, and more.

Ready to get your house back in top shape? Just give us a call or send us a message, and we’ll be more than happy to lend you a hand. We look forward to helping you get your home back in top shape!

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